Chair of Water Management and Hydraulic Engineering

Theses in Bachelor's and Master's degree programs

We are happy to supervise your final theses. We try to provide you with as broad a range as possible from all areas of hydraulic engineering and water management. At the same time, we are happy to share current research topics with you.

In the following, you will find our current topic suggestions as well as work that has already been completed or is in progress. If your desired topic is not among the suggested topics - just contact us, we will see what we can do.

The scope and degree of difficulty of the detailed assignment depends on the type of degree (B.Sc./M.Sc.) and will be adjusted accordingly.


  •     Independence and reliability.
  •     Basic competence in scientific methods as well as the fundamentals of the topics.
  •     Preparation for meetings with the supervisor.
  •     Independent classification of a topic and finding relevant literature.
  •     Correct familiarization with software to be used.

If difficulties arise during the work, the supervisors can be consulted at any time. However, gaps in knowledge or methodical knowledge cannot be compensated. Independence is required.

Address problems that cannot be solved by yourself after a certain amount of effort in good time and arrange a meeting with your supervisor (e.g. by e-mail). Think in detail in advance about the possible causes of the observed phenomena and what work steps may be useful to potentially resolve the difficulties.

Be aware of the fact that you, as the person working on the topic, may usually already be a greater expert in the chosen field than your supervisor. Thus, advice on content is usually given more from experience than from profound insights. It is important to follow up each discussion adequately.

Topic identification

To find a topic, it is first important that you have already thought about your own goals and interests.

There are various possibilities for the further search for the topic:

  • Suggested topics on the notice board of the department
    Current topics for Bachelor's and Master's theses in various fields are regularly posted here. If you are interested, please contact the named contact person directly.
  • Direct contact to planning offices or authorities
    Contact planning offices or public authorities directly and inquire about possible topics. This can also be a good entry into the profession or be associated with a working student position in the respective office.
  • Work out a topic yourself based on your own interests
    You can also contact us directly with a topic proposal or develop your own proposal after a literature search (e.g. deficits, discussions or knowledge gaps of different research areas).

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