Chair of Water Management and Hydraulic Engineering

Pumped storage sites for Germany

Here we want to give you an insight into the research work to find locations for PSKW. This deals with the question "Are there sites for PSKW in Germany?".

In addition to the current state of research, you should also be given the opportunity to inform yourself about this topic and to make external information accessible.

Research Intention

With the increasing expansion of wind energy, energy storage is also entering the public eye. In addition to the provision of balancing power, storage is now another criterion of the future electricity market. The prospect of electromobility has given new impetus to the discussion on pumped storage facilities. Although these have been developed and proven in Germany over decades, pumped storage facilities have played only a minor role in the debate on future energy storage. Although it is currently the most fficient method of storing electrical energy, public opinion has little sympathy for it. This may be due to the large-scale projects that have been pushed to date, which cause serious damage to the local environment with the largest possible heads and storage reservoirs. The idea here is to look differently for small to medium-sized power plant sites. These would have a much smaller impact on the environment and thus lead to greater acceptance.

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